Dream Chasing in Boston

“Only thing worse than death is a regret filled coffins, so try before you die or always wonder what if” -J.Cole-CrunchTime

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you chase if you were guaranteed to catch it? Whatever comes to mind when you answer these questions should be placed at the forefront of the roadmap for your life. Why? Because life is short, take the scenic route.

The cemetery is one of the richest places in the world; because of all the dreams, aspirations and ideas that go into the grave.

If you are really passionate about something, or want to deepen your knowledge in a particular area; place yourself in those environments.


Personal Reflection from my Journal

For the last three months, I haven’t had much of a social life. Lately, I have been making a lot of sacrifices. I’ve missed out on tons of events and had to say no more times than I can remember. Besides my birthday weekend, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gotten dressed for something other than work, church, my workouts or the coffeeshop. But, it has all been worth it. Today, I am flying to Boston for one of the best writers conferences in the country. I sponsored myself and by the grace of God it is also the first city to kick off my self created world tour #CashGoes30for30. I’m so ready to embark on new territory. The goal is to live your best life, Always. If you want the best life has to offer, you have to go after it. Being a dreamer or even pursuing a goal can be tough. Two weeks ago, I wrote about “Practicing Patience”. During the process of turning your dreams into reality, a great deal of patience is required. I feel like I am learning this lesson at least once a month. The journey of  becoming is forever. But, I am currently on a path of self discovery as well. I thought I knew who I was until I started broadening my horizons, then so many ideas & new avenues opened. My goal during this tour is to surrender to life. I know every city won’t be the same experience and I am totally okay with that, as long as I leave with one thing from each place.

I traveled to Boston for my first writer conference. Honestly, with so much knowledge shared; it was tough to collect all of the gems that were dropped. The Muse 18’ Conference was a definite game changer. It was worth every penny and the inspiration to go another writer conference is immense.

Your manuscript does not have to be finished to attend a writer conference. Currently, I am in the first draft stage of my first book titled “Group Chat Conversations”. I was greeted the same as any other writer. In fact, I would encourage anyone who feels they “are not ready” to attend conferences such as The Muse.

There was a moment at the conference I left the ballroom, not because I felt out of place, but I wanted to see myself in the mirror. I asked myself if this is what I really desired. Did I feel like my heart was speaking to me? Did I want to be vulnerable enough to share stories and content that matter? Did I want to put myself out there? Did I possess what is needed to master the art of becoming a great writer? And the answer to all of those questions were YES! Not because I felt capable but because I felt appointed. I wasn’t motivated by the need for validation, it wasn’t for the attention on social media, or even to make a name for myself. I had an undeniable notion that it was my time to rise up and walk into my purpose with full confidence.

My first workshop was amazing. The title was “Voice In Non-Fiction”, taught by a woman named Vanessa Matir. The awesome part about her background is that she is originally from Brooklyn, but somehow she ended up in Boston. We all have a story. I’ve become fascinated with learning about people, where they came from and how they got to where they are now. We all connect in one way or another. I am appreciating the different level of maturity I’m currently at. It’s only the first day of the conference and it’s making me realize just how precious moments are, but also just how much I have grown. Even though I wasted a lot of time,  I’m not upset or regretful about how my twenties were spent. Of course that stage had to happen in order to find myself. And boy, did I find myself, as well as bump my head.

My motto is: as long as you’ve learned one thing, you’ve won. The takeaways from the conference left me feeling like I won a championship.

It felt amazing to be a tourist again. There is something that sparks different vibes and energy when you are in a foreign place. Even with the uncomfortableness that comes with being in unfamiliar territory, it somehow brings joy. I did not fall in love with the city of Boston. However, I fell in love with humanity, hearts desiring creative flow, and the stages of the journey to mastery. I fell in love with my dreams AGAIN.

I also met a friend, or actually a soul sister. She fell into my lap, or perhaps I fell into hers. Whatever happened, it wasn’t by coincidence. The beauty of leaving yourself open to the flow of life is that everything you need will come to you.

Time is all we have. I’m sitting in the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in Boston. Myles and I separated to explore the museum in solitude. So, I took a moment to note my current thoughts. It’s funny because as much as I am an extrovert, I am equally an introvert. I have an immense feeling of peace as well as a feeling of being content in what is present around me. I’m inspired to live a full life and chase the things that scare me the most.
This path is one that can be tricky because you don’t always know what to expect. Like, I never thought I would come here to meet friends but I did. In fact both Cara and Myles have left a blueprint on my heart. A blueprint that will stay forever even if I don’t see them again.
I’m forever grateful. For my first writers conference, The Muse. This has been an amazing weekend and will go down in my own personal collection of enjoyable memories. More importantly I know what I need to do from here. I can push myself a little harder. I can do more. More importantly I know that I am not going to give up and I am going to fight for my dreams to help change the minds of others. Everyone deserves to live their best full life.

Life is more than “it could be worse”. Follow your heart. Be intentional. Create your own rules. If you want the best that life has to offer, you have to go after it. Nothing just happens. We are the author of our own stories, and the last chapter of our lives has yet to be written.

This is my first post on the tab #CashGoes30for30. Boston was my first city on this self created world tour. The purpose and intention is to dive deeper into my personal journey of self discovery. My goal during this tour is to surrender to the path. The cities selected for this tour are primarily to: enrich my knowledge on different cultures and deepen my knowledge on personal passions. Every city will not be the same and I am totally okay with that. Thank for you coming along the journey with me!

Oh and MAJOR KEY, if you are ever in Boston! Please go to Mike’s Pastry, thank me later.


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