MemoirsOfCash is a lifestyle website that gives you a glimpse of personal insight on life, travel, personal growth and everything in between.

The inspiration for MemoirsOfCash came from my personal journey navigating through the many roads of life. There are always bumps along the way, and life does not come with a perfect GPS. I intend to share the hurdles and the journey to becoming the best version of myself.

MemoirsOfCash was created to discuss life experiences via storytelling and to share life lessons from personal experience to inspire others to stay encouraged, determined and dedicated to live their best life.

My goal is to share content and topics that individuals can relate to, express my thoughts, and showcase my creativity.

Who Is Cashmere Pope?

Cashmere Pope is the Creator and Writer of MemoirsOfCash.

As a writer, speaker, and motivator, I enjoy writing about personal development, productivity, travel and life experiences that shape our day to day lives.

Born and raised in the beautiful state of California, from Oakland to the Monterey Peninsula. I am currently living in Dallas, TX.

My travels encompass many different countries, as well as numerous cities across the states. Each place allowed me to develop various forms of soul searching and practical life lessons.

When I am not writing or sharing, I am out in the world taking risks, reading (both fiction and nonfiction), practicing yoga, training for my next race, planning for what’s next (or being spontaneous by not planning at all), and learning new natural beauty regimens.

My strength comes from GOD. Prayer is Powerful. Self Care is a must. Yoga saves lives. Mindfulness is the secret to longevity of the brain and body.

My ultimate life goal is to feel happier than what I look. I am passionate about encouraging others around me to discover their maximum potential and live their best, most fulfilling lives.

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